The importance of good vegetable oil management

Every quality fryer knows the importance of good oil management and how it affects food quality and customer satisfaction. Good oil management is essential in maintaining the best taste and appearance of the food and also helps the fryer by reducing oil consumption.

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Frymax Good Frying Guide

Follow our easy to follow Good Frying Guide wallchart – a simple reminder of what do and what not to do for good deep frying. The Good Frying guide includes the following key points:

Deep Frying Tips – Dos

● Gradually heat Frymax to the correct cooking oil temperature
● Fry one part food to ten part Frymax
● Reduce cooking oil temperature when not in constant use
● Regularly top-up frying pans to correct level
● Keep frying pans covered when not in use
● Filter Frymax every day
● Skim oil between batches to remove debris
● Safety – wait for cooking oil to cool down to 40°c before disposing of waste

Deep Frying Tips – Don’ts

● Do not overheat Frymax
● Do not mix with other fats
● Do not salt food prior to frying

A full and detailed video of the Good Frying Guide is available in the members area – join or sign up to view and get the most out of your Frymax oil.