It all started in 1954

The history of cooking oil is long and varied, but over the past six decades we like to think we’ve made our mark on the industry.

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As good as we’ve always been

More than 60 years ago, Frymax started out with the sole goal of delivering the highest quality frying oil to the nation’s best chip shops. A lot has changed since Frymax was established back in 1954, but we haven’t. The ingredients we used in that first batch of palm oil are the same ingredients we continue to use today.

It’s no coincidence that we have multiple customers who have been using Frymax for over 25, or even 50 years. Frymax is committed to preserving what has made us a brand leading oil for decades. We’re trusted across the UK as one of the very best cooking oil brands available.

Frymax Key Milestones

In 1954 Frymax was launched by the Peerless Refining Company in Liverpool

In 1996 Frymax production was moved to London

In 2006 Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) acquired the Frymax Brand

In 2008 Frymax production was moved to the state of the art production facility in Purfleet Essex

In 2011 Frymax begins its sponsorship of the Best Newcomer Award at The Seafish National Fish & Chip Awards which it is still pleased to do today

In 2012 Olenex assumes sales for Frymax in the UK. Olenex is a full-function joint venture between ADM & Wilmar is created, which offers customers around the globe a comprehensive portfolio of edible oils and fats, from commodities to specialties, as well as superior technical support.

In 2013 The Frymax brand becomes fully sustainable

In 2013 The House of Frymax launched Frymax Liquid 2 x 10 litre

In 2014 Frymax celebrated its 60th anniversary

In 2019 Frymax website launched

Look out for what’s next from the House of Frymax…