What our customers say about Frymax

Our customers are some of the best, award-winning Fish & Chip shops across the whole of the UK. Here’s what some of them have to say about Frymax

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Nick Lomvardos, Bishopston Fish Bar

Wiltshire, Dorset and Avon Winner Best Independent Takeaway 2014 -18 “I’ve used Frymax since I opened over eight years ago. It helps me cook fish and chips of the highest quality which my customers enjoy. I have no reason to change from a winning combination.”

Glenn Edwards, Chippy’s

“We have fried in Frymax for over 63 years and have never had a complaint about cooking in Frymax. It has always been of consistent quality, odourless and doesn’t transfer taste. This means our customers get delicious fish and chips every time.”

Luke Platten, Plattens Fish and Chips

“Plattens have used Frymax for four generations and believe it is a key part of the equation for award winning success. It lasts longer, tastes fresher and combined with a hint of passion , produces the finest quality fish and chips money can buy.”

Theo Ellinas, Golden Carp Chippy

“My family have used Frymax for over 30 years. Why ? Because you can taste only the food and not the oil after cooking.”

Mark Beckenham, Beer Fish & Chip Shop

“With in excess of thirty five years in the trade I would have to say that if you passionately care about the quality of your product protecting a strong local trade there is no other frying medium to use but Frymax!”

Michael Crimes, Mick The Chips

“Having used Frymax for 40 years I can confidently say that quality is always remembered when price is soon forgotten. Don’t get blinkered with cheaper oils.”

Graham and Sharon, Audrey’s Fish Bar

“As a family business we have been frying with Frymax for the past 50 years. In recent years we have all become aware of the importance of sustainability and that we should be doing all we can to safeguard the planet’s resources. As Frymax is 100% sustainable we feel it is a natural choice for us to use as it makes our social responsibilities a little easier. The great thing about Frymax is that it doesn’t add an unpleasant taste to the food we have perfected over the past 5 decades.”

Nick Gohil, Harry’s Fish Bar

“Over the past 37 years Frymax has been the perfect vehicle for providing the best quality fish and chips to our public”

Chris and Mark Hendren, The Fryery

“Frymax has been my trusted choice of frying fat for over 40 years! I have seen my businesses flourish and thrive due to consistent hard work and putting pride and TLC into every single day! Quality of raw materials is paramount and with Frymax you always get this with its pure odourless frying performance and crisp clean taste. There are other choices on the market but for me it comes down to consistency with quality and reliability and Frymax never disappoints. You only ever get what you pay for!”

Mario and Peter, Gerard Street Fish Bar

“Our family have used Frymax for over 40 years in our shop. Frymax always fries at superior standard…consistently ! It has never let us down.”

Karen Pearce, Buzz’s Fish and Chips

“My family have used Frymax in various shops in Penzance for over 40 years. We enjoy frying in such a pure and clean oil. With Frymax our customers enjoy the clean taste of their fish and chips and not the oil.”

Hilltop Fish Bar

“We have used Frymax oil for three generations in our shops and have always been satisfied and happy to use Frymax. We believe it is a big factor that brings customers back time after time.”

William Rowe, W. J. Rowe

“The frying medium is the most important ingredient I buy as it affects the taste of nearly everything I sell. I always buy Frymax as it helps me get the consistently high quality I want year after year.”

Lee Penaluna, Penaluna’s Famous Fish and Chips

“When we started our business we were introduced to Frymax as the best oil in the industry. We have been tempted by claims and costs to try others but we’ve always returned to Frymax which has proved itself to be the most consistent for top quality fish and chips. You can’t put a cost on the problems and the additional management required caused by inconsistency.”

Andy Kyriacou, Milehouse Fish Bar

“We have used Frymax for over 35 years. Frymax is a consistent, high quality oil with a good life at high temperatures. Most importantly it helps me fry great tasting Fish and Chips which my customers enjoy”.

Dameeon Jordan, The Old Mill Hill Chippy

“The Old Mill Hill Chippy has been using Frymax since 1992. We find that it is the best oil on the market and produces the best quality fish and chips. Frymax is long lasting, very durable and gives a fantastic taste to all our new and returning customers.”

Steven Tomlinson, New Bury Chippy

“My father and I have been in the fish and chip shop business for the last 25 years. At first we tried a number of different oils. We were then introduced to Frymax which we found to be the best by far. We have continued to purchase Frymax for the last 20+ years and believe it is the best product on the market.”

Mike Davies, Cod’s Plaice

“I have been in the fish and chip trade for over 25 years. In my opinion Frymax is the best frying medium on the market. With Frymax I can cook great tasting food which my customers like and that is the most important thing for my business. With good oil management Frymax has an excellent frying life. I just love the product!”

Dan Lafford, Malt & Anchor

“From the outset Frymax have offered fantastic support on the phone, on email and in the shop through their ambassadors. This helped us to establish best practises from the start. When you open a new food business you need to offer your customers high quality food consistently. We selected Frymax because its reputation in the trade gave us the confidence that it would help us to achieve this. We have been very happy with the consistency and quality of Frymax.”