6 of the punniest fish and chip shop names in the UK

Punning in the fish and chip shop industry, much like the hairdressing game, is pretty competitive. If you think you can reel a customer in just by slapping on a ‘plaice’ then prepare to think again. For every veritable pilot shark, leading the way in the murky ocean of fish-based puns there are innumerable bottom feeders that seek to cash in on a weak ‘Fry-day’ pun.

We’ve gone to the trouble of ranking the best puns in the game so you know who is a big fish in a small pond and which chippies will be floating on the surface.


To produce a good pun requires attention to detail. There are a variety of techniques that you can use to most effectively capitalise on a great pun. Most importantly, it should be a bit surprising. Finding the line between red snapper and red herring is tough, but with some careful consideration you’ll soon have your customers caught hook, line and sinker.

A secondary concern is whether you can incorporate a location pun. Getting this wrong can play haddock with your potential customers’ expectations. It has to be funny, original and relevant. You’re hoping to lure them in, not let them off the hook.

Our favourite puns

  • Frying Nemo, Bangor – flippant, edgy, iconoclastic. The idea of traumatising anyone who wants to enjoy fish Friday by making them imagine a grizzly alternative to a Pixar classic is a bold strategy. But as the saying goes, only dead fish go with the flow.
  • The Frying Squad, Hither Green – A good entry from the Frying Squad. They’ve side stepped the tempting squid pun, which would have detracted from their primary pun, and kept it classic, meaning anyone passing by will come to the same assumption about their fried food. Of course they could have gained extra points by being located in Scotland Yard, but maybe we’re being too picky.
  • The Prawnbrokers, Croydon – Okay, they’re not strictly a fish and chip shop, they’re a fishmongers- you caught us. However, they are well plaiced within seafood industry and their love of traditional, tasty British fish is as good as anyone else’s on this list. Somewhat surprisingly the world of prawn puns is under-valued as a market. Prawnbrokers are the leaders of the pack, but there’s certainly opportunity for a less conservative name that would see any shop brave enough to use it scamp-i away to victory in a pun-off.
  • The Batter of Bosworth, Leicester – Much like the perfectly fried chip this pun is crisp with a fluffy inside. Using their location for maximum effect, The Batter has cast its net wide enough to snag all manner of prey: everyone from history enthusiasts to tired country walkers will surely raise a smile at this tantalising offering.
  • Codrophenia, Sheffield – Another mighty contender from Sheffield. While those in Brighton failed to spot this one clearly the fish-mongers of the Steel City spent the time driving from sea to city wisely and have been rewarded with a sizzling slice of pun.
  • A Fish Called Rhondda, Ton Petre – This is undoubtedly the best fish and chip shop name in the UK. Not only is it located in Rhonda Valley, giving it an automatic multiplier for a location based pub, it is also an all too rare foray into classic 80’s cinema. Sure, it might be a little bit dated, possibly going over the heads of some slightly younger fish-fans but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. At Frymax, we like puns that require a bit of research. As both fans of the film and fried potatoes, we cannot condone Kevin Kline’s use of chips for interrogation purposes. Nevertheless, this South Wales-based chippie is our catch of the day.

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27 November 2018