Cod in the Capital: The Best Fish and Chips in London

In one of the world’s busiest cities, it’s often the simple pleasures in life that excite Londoners the most. There are few things more satisfying than sitting by the Thames with a box of steaming fish and chips and just watching the world go by. Even if you only have time for a quick portion of chips, there are some truly fantastic chippies in the nation’s capital.

While you’ll often experience a shortage of time in London, you’ll certainly not experience a shortage of great food. That’s why it’s so important that you only sample the best the capital has to offer.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to what we consider the best fish and chip shops in London.

Shoreditch Fish and Chips, Shoreditch

With great quality fish and chips served in baskets lined with vintage greaseproof newspaper, Shoreditch Fish and Chips is certainly the plaice to be. In its trendy London location, this restaurant offers great value for money amongst all the expensive eateries. As well as traditional cod and chips, this chippy also serves alternative delicacies such as calamari and salmon.

Golden Carp Fish and Chips, Hounslow

If good-tasting traditional fare is what you are after, Golden Carp Fish and Chips is sure to reel you in. A well-established chippy close to Hounslow Heath, this restaurant serves all the old-favourites, including cod, haddock, rock and scampi, alongside chicken, burgers and pies. The lunch time specials are not to be missed and you can take your own wine if you fancy sitting in and relaxing with friends.

Tasty Fish and Chips, Sydenham

If you are looking for an oppor-tuna-ty to have some of the best fish and chips in London delivered right to your door, then give Tasty Fish and Chips a call! These delicious meals can also be enjoyed in the restaurant, with all the usual fishy suspects available to accompany your delicious, crispy chips!

Nemo’s Fish and Chips, Beckenham

Offering up generous portions and comforting extras such as chicken soup, this chippy is ideal for both a chilly London afternoon or a balmy summer evening basking in its outdoor seating area. All of Nemo’s food is cooked fresh to order and given a modern twist, with chicken wraps and even vegetarian options to cater to all needs.

The Golden Chippy, Greenwich

It’s the little touches that make a so-so restaurant into one of the best chippies in London and The Golden Chippy is one of them. Customers who choose to sit in will be treated to a tasty side salad and an after-meal mint imperial, while take-away diners will be content with the swift service, rich battered fish and tasty chunky chips.

Elite Fish Bar, Bermondsey

When it comes to value for money, we have been herring good things about Elite Fish Bar. Serving your typical fish and chip fare, but at a fraction of the price of more central establishments, this is a fantastic take-away with a seating option inside. It has the advantage of being close to many Bermondsey pubs and bars, making it a great option for lovers of both beer and batter.

Bailey’s Fish and Chips, Fulham

Bailey’s Fish and Chips is at the heart and sole of Fulham and with its thin, crispy batter, irresistible chips and quirky extras including banana fritters, calamari and homemade coleslaw. It has built up quite a reputation for fresh fish and big portions but it is those little extras that set this chippy apart.

Fishcotheque, Lambeth

Fishcotheque not only has a great name, it’s a chippy with passion. This establishment is a small but perfectly formed eatery on the Southbank that cooks up some of the best fish and chips in London. Perfectly positioned next to Waterloo Station for a quick bite after a day of sightseeing in the city, the staff are friendly, the chips are crispy and the fish is flavourful!

Olley’s Fish Experience, Herne Hill

A visit to this large and distinctive fish and chip restaurant in South London is an experience in itself. With its rustic feel and bistro-style decor, Olley’s is not your typical London chippy. It has an impressive array of traditional and contemporary fish dishes, as well as great pies, fun kid’s options and even a gluten free menu. No one leaves Olley’s unsatisfied or with an empty stomach.  

Fish!, Borough Market

This chippy benefits from its prime location in one of London’s biggest and best culinary hubs – Borough Market. This swanky establishment started life as a Victorian pea-shelling warehouse and is now an majestic glass and steel space with 360 degree views of the bustling market. While Fish! is not the cheapest chippy on this list, its sophisticated menu is sure to provide one of the most unforgettable gastronomic experiences anywhere in London.     

Fish and chips is one of those great British institutions that seems to please everyone, no matter their age, background or taste preferences. At Frymax, we’re proud to be part of this tradition, having supplied the best frying oil in the fish and chip trade for over 60 years. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.

20 March 2019