Covid-19: Closure Tips For The UK’s Fryers PART 2 - Frying Area & Pests

Welcome to the second part of our Shop Closure Tips blog series aimed at ensuring your establishments are kept in the best possible condition while they are unattended during the current coronavirus crisis.

Whilst Part 1 dealt with cleaning and safeguarding the Prep Room, this post will cover the Frying Area as well as fridges, freezers and pest prevention.

The simple fact is that the majority of the issues at the moment are out of our hands, we simply have to follow government guidelines and act sensibly to overcome this crisis together.

Preventing pests

As the social distancing measures continue and shops remain closed, there is a very real risk of pests entering the building. This is particularly the case in areas of your shop where food and oil are most likely to be present, such as the frying area and the prep room.

When visiting your businesses to ensure they are safe, remember to check under tables, stock rooms, pallets, etc for signs of pests

Ensuring all possible entry points to your shop or building are fully blocked and secure is one of the best ways to ensure your shop stays free of pests. 

The importance of keeping your establishment pest-free cannot be stressed enough, either in the current shutdown period or during normal working periods. Complacency in this department could risk the health of your staff and your customers, as well as the future of your business. Remember – prevention is always better than the cure. 

The Frying Area

Frying Range

  • Clean the frying range, baffles, extraction channels, baskets, sieves and all other utensils
  • Clean filter drawer and remove all used filter papers and bags
  • Remove waste oil from below the chip and scrap boxes and wash thoroughly
  • Leave the existing oil in the pans and cover with the appropriate lids 
  • Once a week turn the frying range on and check all pans are working correctly  – No need to fully heat the pans but allowing the pans to reach their melting point temperature (circa 90°C) is advised
  • Turn off the gas and electric supply to ensure full safety

Any opened oil drums or boxes should be fully re-sealed and stored in a cool, dark and dry storage area. Remember to date label the product to ensure it’s safe to use when you re-open.

Bain Marie

  • Fully empty the water from the Bain Marie – Wet Bain Marie
  • Wash thoroughly inside and out
  • Unplug to ensure it’s not turned on by mistake
  • Pull all appliances and equipment out and fully clean underneath.

This is an opportunity to fully sanitise areas that may sometimes be forgotten in the daily running of your shop. Not only will this help to discourage vermin it should also prevent bad smells occurring.


  • Fully wash the griddle to ensure its fat-free and clean
  • Empty oil drainage drawer and fully wash
  • Unplug to ensure it’s not turned on by mistake

Pop Fridge

  • Turn the pop fridge off as it uses a significant amount of energy 
  • Most businesses have their pop fridge at the front of their shop where it is close to glass windows and doors. The heat from the sun will make the fridge work harder to ensure it keeps the products cool, which is not necessary during the closure period.

These measures will help save you money and energy in this difficult time, giving you peace of mind while your shop is closed. 

Stay safe during the current Covid-19 crisis and please remember to follow government safety guidelines, especially when visiting your businesses.

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3 April 2020