Covid-19: Closure Tips For The UK’s Fryers PART 3 - Cost Saving

So, another day is upon us and the majority of us have had a week at home. However you’re choosing to spend your spare time, it’s important to stay on top of your business. These are very uncertain times and who knows when the Covid-19 pandemic will end?

To make sure your business is in the best possible position, we have created a helpful Closure Tips blog series to cover all bases for the duration of the current lockdown.

We have already covered preparing the prep room in Part 1 and pest prevention and the frying area in Part 2, so now we are turning our attention to money saving measures.

Where can you cut costs while your shop is closed?

As all sit-in restaurants in the UK have been told to close to comply with the government’s social distancing measures (although they can stay open for takeaway as long as following the measures) there will currently be precious little money coming into the business.

In order to keep costs to a minimum, it’s time to evaluate our expenses and see if we can shrink the outgoings.

Trade Refuse

If you have discarded all goods that can’t be re-used and the shop is clear, speak to your trade refuse contact. They will allow you to suspend the service until you are back at work.

Remember to wash the refuse bins thoroughly, including the waste bin storage area.

Waste Oil

If you have any waste oil, speak with your waste oil contact and get the barrels emptied. This will ensure the outside yard is cleared of smells and shall reduce any attraction to rodents.

Remember to wash the waste oil storage area thoroughly.


If you have any daily, weekly or even monthly orders that are on standing order, speak with the supplier and cancel these items until further notice. Explain the reason why and wish them the best of luck. These businesses will also be suffering too but the more notice they have will help them run more efficiently.


With no or very little cash coming in at present, you may have some unpaid invoices. It would be a good idea to pay these as soon as you can. It doesn’t seem fair to hold back on payments. These businesses will have overheads, suppliers and their own staff to pay. We all need to look out for each other during these unprecedented and trying times.

The suppliers will be very grateful and will most definitely look out for you when we business gets back to normal.

Electrical Appliances

Take a look at what appliances are switched on whilst the shop is closed.

Can some of these be turned off and products be safely amalgamated with others and stored in the same fridge or freezer?

Below are some examples of running costs per year.


ApplianceAverage consumption
Average running cost (£/year)
Upright freezer32747.50
Chest freezer36252.50
Desktop computer16624.00

Lastly – remember to stay safe, stay focused and keep active.

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6 April 2020