Covid-19: Closure Tips for the UK’s Fryer’s PART 6 – Takeaway & Delivery

Currently in the UK, if you are a restaurant, café, bar or public house then an exemption in the law allows you to be able to provide a takeaway or food delivery service during the coronavirus lockdown.

This covers the provision of hot or cold food that has been prepared for customers for collection or delivery to be consumed, reheated or cooked by customers off the premises.

What precautionary measures must you consider?

  • No orders should be taken in person on the premises – you should communicate this to your customers by using appropriate means of signage.
    • You should therefore only take orders online or by telephone.
  • If customers arrive without placing an order already, they should be encouraged to leave the premises to place their order correctly and return at their designated collection time.
  • Customers should have staggered collection times – ask customers to be punctual with their collection times and not to enter the premises until their order is ready. Signage on site will help to control this. 
  • You should discourage crowding outside the premises – where possible, use queue management systems to maintain the 2 metres separation.

What should you consider if you are offering a delivery service?

  • You should ensure that all food has been paid for prior to delivery – your delivery drivers should not have to handle cash.
  • Ensure that your delivery staff do not congregate waiting for their next delivery job – ask them to wait in their vehicle until the food is ready for delivery.
  • Ensure that there is no personal handover to the customer – instruct delivery drivers to ring the doorbell, put the food down and step back.
  • Provide hand sanitiser and disposable gloves to all delivery drivers.

How do I notify customers about allergens?

Allergens need to be considered if you are delivering food to your customers. This must be provided: 

  • before the purchase of the food is complete, and;
  • when the food is delivered

The allergen information should be available to a customer in a written form at some point between the customer placing the order and receiving it. Primary examples of this are physical menus or online (either your website or food ordering app).

Take extra care whilst offering this type of food service and if you have any doubts or require help, speak with your local councils or industry experts.

Until next time, stay safe and continue to follow the government safety guidelines.

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20 April 2020