Covid-19: Closure Tips for the UK’s Fryer’s PART 5 – Boil Out

With many safety precautions and cost-saving measures now in place (explore all posts in our Covid-19 Closure Tips series here), businesses that are currently closed can rest easier at night knowing their premises are safe along with their stock too.

While the current lockdown is no doubt a challenging time for all of us, it’s important to make the most of the extra time we have on our hands. Now is the perfect time to start tackling those tasks that were “deferred” in our very busy frying days!

Boiling Out the Pans on the Frying Range

One of the main reasons you should boil out your pans is because it can protect the taste of your food. Old food and grime in your pans can affect the frying oil and how your food cooks, which in turn affects the flavour.

Boil Out Dos

  • Empty the pan of oil
  • Wipe the pan with suitable cloth (e.g. microfibre)
  • Use detergent if desired to remove stubborn areas
  • Fill pan to SAFE LEVEL with water
  • Add detergent if desired (e.g. Deepio or similar)
  • Turn pan on and begin to heat
  • Allow the water to slowly boil for 20-30 minutes
    • Ensure you keep a check on the water levels to ensure it remains at a safe level
  • Allow the water to cool to a safe temperature 
  • Empty pan of water manually (using a suitable jug and bucket)
  • Once empty, thoroughly wipe down the pan including any temperature probes
  • If carbon is still present, scrape and wipe or repeat the boiling process once again
  • Once you’re happy with the pan’s “carbon-free condition”, wipe again with a clean cloth
  • Fill pan up with your frying medium and turn pan on
  • Once the temperature reaches your chosen filtering temperature, filter thoroughly to ensure all carbon and debris has been removed.

Boil Out Don’ts

  • Allow an untrained team member to boil out the pans
  • Boil the pan with too little water level – this is dangerous and bad practice
  • Put the lid on the pan whilst the pan is turned on – you can’t keep a check on the water levels
  • Leave the range area as the pan needs watching at all times
  • Use too much detergent – this will make it difficult for you to thoroughly clean and ensure the pan is detergent free
  • Filter the water using the automatic pump system – this could potentially break the pump motor.

Boiling out the pans on your frying range at regular intervals can help improve the taste and quality of your fried food, cut down on oil replacement costs, and improve the life of your fryer.

Be a happy “Carbon-Free” operator!

Until next time, stay safe and continue to follow the government safety guidelines.

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16 April 2020