7 Takeaway Marketing Tips to Drive Revenue during Covid-19

As we’ve documented throughout our ‘Closing-down’ series, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a host of problems for restaurants and takeaways. As we all get used to the new conditions, however, there are ways we can continue to generate revenue. Effective communication with clients is key to picking up business again as we head into a recovery phase. Here are our top tips on how to use marketing and communicate effectively in order to increase sales once more. 

Use all channels available

Tell your customers that you’re open for takeaway and delivery – Use social media, email and your website (basically, any platform that your customers may be looking at). Share your opening hours, menu, ordering options, safety measures, and how every order is helping to keep your business running.

Share your new menu

Show your customers what you have available for delivery or takeaway. Everyone is getting fed up of cooking at home, so now is a great opportunity to post images of your food and get everyone talking.



If you are located where you get some foot traffic, a sign on the door or pavement will attract people’s attention when they are getting some fresh air. Information on the sign is key – Opening times, website or app details ensure they know exactly where they need to go to place an order.

Respond to demand

You can ask customers on social media to respond to a quick food survey. What’s their favourite item on your menu? What would they like to see on there? This will help in putting together a new, streamlined menu that will help with making your operations more efficient.

Take your customers “behind the scenes”

You’re the expert and if you have something to show off – then do it! Connect with your customers by showing them how the magic happens behind the scenes, and highlight how hard your employees are working, and the safety measures you have in place to ensure food is cooked and packaged correctly. Facebook and Instagram are great places to share videos…

Feature your customers on social media

Are your customers posting about their takeaway and delivery orders from your business? Build community and increase business by reposting some of what they share on your own pages. Maybe you could include a competition for the best image of your food being eaten at home… 

Provide meal for healthcare workers

Consider supporting your community by donating meals to healthcare workers and others on the ‘front line’. This is great for community spirit and something your customers and followers will respect and love you for!

Stay Safe and enjoy being back to work…

If you have any questions about re-opening your fast food outlet or frying in general, sign up to become a Frymax member and send them across – our veteran ambassadors will be on-hand to offer their knowledge and experience. 

13 May 2020