How long should you fry your chips for?

As a rule of thumb, you should fry your chips until they turn a pale golden colour. How long is this exactly? Well, it’s usually between five to ten minutes in a deep fat fryer. If you want them to be extra crispy, though, a double-fry is in order – which requires an extra five minutes. 

If you want to ensure that your chips are cooked to perfection, there are a few things to bear in mind with timing. Here are main ones, so you can serve up a portion of crispy, light chips.

Factors that affect the cooking time of chips


Temperature changes the cooking time of chips. Many chefs recommended a lower temperature on the first, longer fry. For example, 160C on the first fry, and 190C on the second fry. A common issue is dumping too many chips into the fryer. This can unknowingly bring down the temperature of the oil, causing an increase in the cooking time.

Preparing chips in cold water, furthermore, is a standard practice, as it reduces excess starch. This is important not only in avoiding soggy, brown chips, but also in preventing the degradation of your frying medium. 


Oil used

As mentioned earlier, appearance can be helpful in knowing when a chip is cooked. This can spell trouble because some oils will have varying effects on the chip colour — and the taste.

Sustainable palm oil is the frying medium of choice for most chippies. Its delicate flavour, neural colour, and high smoking point make it safe and stable options for kitchens. Other oils, such as coconut or hemp, on the other hand, are less stable and can leave fried food with a distinct taste. 


Size and preparation of the chip

The British standard for chip shop chips is around 1cm in thickness, and 8cm in length. The exact length isn’t important, but a thicker potato will take longer to cook. So, if you’re cutting chips into different sizes, then cooking times will also change. It’s fine to deviate from the classic 1cm thickness, but it may take a couple more minutes to cook through.



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4 December 2020