COVID-19: Let’s get ready to open…

Whether your shop has temporarily suspended all operations, or has shifted to a delivery service for the time being, you may be thinking ahead to when it can re-open. To help you make the transition to the ‘new normal’ as lockdown measures are gradually faded out, we’ve put together a short guide on factors to consider. 


  • Select staff carefully in order to ensure all shop functions are adequately resourced. When shop footfall starts to increase, you’ll want to make sure that both front of house and back are ready. 
  • Manage shifts to ensure the same staff are working together – this will help to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading. 
  • Perform a risk assessment of your outlet to identify any risks posed by coronavirus to your staff, and implement measures to mitigate them. This might include spacing out kitchen work stations as much as possible, or erecting screens in areas where staff interact with the public. 
  • Provide full training to all staff members to ensure everyone is aware of the risks posed by the new situation, and how to deal with them. 


Work with your local EHO to ensure you are fully compliant and can operate safely.


  • Design a new menu that will help you operate more efficiently and will reduce queuing times in and around the premises. 
  • Select only the most popular food items that are quick to cook and are readily available from suppliers. 

Tip – Offering minimal portion sizes will enable you to serve people faster and increase your profit margins. 


  • Speak to all your suppliers and inform them that you are reopening. They will most likely have different working practices now too – for example, they may have different delivery days or pick-up options. 


  • To ensure minimal queuing at your premises, consider alternative ways for customers to place and pick up orders. A click-and-collect service, or simple phone-ordering system, may help. Not only will they increase the efficiency of your shop but it will also demonstrate to the public that you’re thinking about their safety. 


  • Communicate to customers what is expected of them when they arrive at your premises. Clear markings and information boards can help their visit become a pleasant, easy experience. Everyone is getting used to the new way of queuing, yet each business is slightly different. Make the journey of buying fish and chips a memorable one.


Tip – Once you are confident your system works very well, create a short video that can be posted on social media. This is a great way of getting your message and system across to your followers.


  • Encourage contactless card payments. This is safer for both your staff and clients. If your staff do handle physical cash, however, make sure that correct hand-washing protocols are followed. 


Tip – If you choose to operate with an online ordering system you may have to choose another online payment provider. Try to choose one that doesn’t have long contract terms. Online ordering may not be something you wish to continue doing once the lock-down is over.

By following this short guide, we hope your shop will be able to confront the ‘new normal’ and get back on track after a very difficult period. If you have any questions about re-opening your fast food outlet or frying in general, sign up to become a Frymax member and send them across – our veteran ambassadors will be on-hand to offer their knowledge and experience. 

Stay Safe and enjoy being back to work…

22 May 2020