How to Make Cooking Oil Last Longer

Before you blame the oil!

If your cooking oil appears to be discolouring quicker and you have to change it more regularly. Before you blame the oil, try our 12 top hints and tips to help you make your cooking oil last longer and produce food that tastes fresh with full flavour.

1 – Monitor the quality of your cooking oil using a cooking oil tester (measure Total Polar Compounds – TPC)

2 – Test your potatoes for the sugar content 

3 – Wash your chips thoroughly with water prior to frying

4 – Always fry dry chips 

5 – Use fine mesh skimmers

6 – Filter your oil regularly (every day)

7 – Use good topping up procedures

8 – Regulate your cooking temperatures 

9 – Maintain your oil levels to your requirements

10 – Keep oils separate, have designated pans for different types of food

11 – Drop the temp down when not using the vat (hot & idle oil promotes breakdown) 

12 – Keep your vats covered when not in use (this will help to prevent oxidation)

Maintaining your frying medium makes good business sense and will help you save money.

By implementing some of these hints and tips will help you achieve consistently great tasting food, creating happy customers who will return time after time. 

With the increasing emphasis on health care and the public’s concern regarding the fat content in food, it is in your own interest and the future of fish and chips that we strive to cook delicious portions of fish and chips that can be eaten as part of a healthy diet.

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3 July 2024