Autumn Frying - Keeping the chill off

As the nights close in and there’s a nip in the air, it’s time to make sure everything is set up for the cold weather.

At Frymax, we want to help wherever we can, so why not check through this list of tips from the Frymax fryers, see how you can maximise the life of your oil, and also help you save costs.

Not too sweet...

Sugar in potatoes causes your oil to darken and go off really quickly – so it’s important to take control. When potatoes are stored below 10°C, they start to convert starch into sugar. At this time move your potatoes into a warmer, but not too hot position in your storage areas away from cold outside walls. Not everyone has the luxury of temperature controlled storage, but you can still minimise the effect on your food and oil quality and usage by working with a high quality starch/sugar control agent.

Follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully, washing off free starch from cut chips before applying the controlling agent, and allowing your chips enough time to dry before frying. Wet chips lower the frying temperature and increase frying times, giving a soggier, less crispy finished chip – and using up your oil more quickly too.

Keep the cold out

It’s not just your potatoes that will feel the cold. Strong cold winds rushing through the shop as customers enter and leave can be bad for your oil too. Keeping lids closed on frying vats as much as possible, will keep the heat inside and minimise the air flow over hot oil which would otherwise break it down. This will allow you to save money and improve quality.

Having lids on can also help reduce breakdown of your oil all year round, especially if you have extractor fans near the fryers. The circulation of air across the fat leads to much faster oil breakdown.

At Frymax, we’re passionate about making your oil go further. That’s why we developed a long lasting, sustainable frying oil that helps you cook beautiful, tasty fish and chips time after time. Fully refined and deodorised, Frymax has been the leading vegetable oil for the fish frying trade for over 60 years. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

27 November 2018