Summer Frying - It's getting hot in the kitchen

Business is booming, and everyone’s holiday dreams are coming true. Fish, chips and fun filled days are here. Well, we certainly hope that’s the case!

Frymax and fryers just love it when things get busy. So why not make the most of this boom time while you can?

Busy, busy, busy

A busy oil is a happy, long lived oil. Every batch of chips that enters a fryer gives the oil a little steam clean. Water from the chips is forced out as steam and dissolves some of the water soluble impurities which build up when the hot oil is not in use. As you get through more batches of chips, you will also need to top up more often, so your oil is constantly being refreshed.

I’m sure you’ve seen it, but when you have a busy day, you don’t end up with dark unappealing chips, it’s when they can be at their best! Now you might have a weekly routine you keep to – getting fresh oil in on a Wednesday or Thursday so it’s fresher but still tasty for the weekend. But it’s worth doing a bit of research. If you have had a really busy week and weekend, it may be that you could reduce how often you go for a full oil changeover. How about two changes in three weeks instead of three? But never forget, it’s the quality of your food which brings your customers back, so always be guided by the look and taste of your final fried products.

Hold onto the salt

As you cope with this busy season, make sure over-enthusiasm and speed don’t start damaging your oil. Salt acts as a catalyst making oil break down rapidly. So make sure that when you are busy salting food, or customers are applying it themselves that no salt gets into your pans. Where possible, having closed lids on your fryers will also help to keep out any stray salt from over-enthusiastic sprinkling.

Another catalyst which has a really bad reaction with oil is copper or brass. Make sure if you’re having any repairs done or buying any new equipment, it’s vital that you avoid any fittings or utensils made with copper as your oil will break down exceptionally quickly.

At Frymax, we’re passionate about making your oil go further. That’s why we developed a long lasting, sustainable frying oil that helps you cook beautiful, tasty fish and chips time after time. Fully refined and deodorised, Frymax has been the leading vegetable oil for the fish frying trade for over 60 years. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

27 November 2018