Best Triple Cooked Chips Recipe

Who can resist a dish of golden, crisp, fresh fried chips? You can find them in restaurants all around the nation. But did you know that the secret to perfecting them is to cook them three times at various temperatures? It’s not challenging and is entirely worthwhile. To put it briefly, the first key is to fry the chips until they are nearly crumbling apart since the cracks are what give them their crispy texture. The second trick is to steam-dry the chips and then places them in the freezer for an hour to remove as much moisture as you possibly can. Lastly, the chips should be cooked at extremely high temperatures to produce a super crisp outer shell, with a flurry centre.

Sound good? Here’s how to make the best triple cooked chips.

Triple Cooked Chips: Frozen Vs. Hand Cut

Frozen fries are more convenient than freshly cut fries in a number of ways, including, labour efficiency, and kitchen space savings. Frozen fries may also cost less and take less time to prepare, but they could not taste as well or be as high-quality as freshly cut fries. Let’s examine the various distinctions between frozen and fresh fries before selecting whether to buy frozen fries or cut your own.

Quality and Taste

People frequently believe that fresh food has a greater flavour and is of a much higher quality, and because of variations in potato age, size, oil, temperature, and moisture, the texture and flavour of frozen cut fries can range significantly, creating issues with consistency. You may avoid this issue entirely by utilising hand-cut chips as they can be specifically chosen for use and can be cut to your specific size, which can affect the texture of the chip as well as cooking time.

Labour and Time

It takes a lot of work and expensive labour and preparation to make fresh-cut fries. To make the chips, the potatoes must first be cleaned, peeled, and chopped. All of these laborious preparatory tasks may be avoided while making frozen fries. Fast food establishments may save a lot of time on preparation by simply giving frozen chips a complete fry before serving them to customers. While cooking at home, however, you will not be rushing to serve a dozen paying customers. Budget in the time, use fresh potatoes, and make the best triple fried chips for yourself or your guests.

Why Triple Cook Chips?

The greatest chips have a crisp outside and a very heated, snowy white inside. The moisture on the surface of the chip, or any other food item, rapidly evaporates upon contact with the oil. The chip’s outside has dried up and hardened into a crust. The temperature soars inside that shell, trapping any trapped water vapour that couldn’t reach the surface in time to escape. Instead of boiling, it steams the potato flesh, giving it that fluffy texture that contrasts so well with the crunch. 

We can agree that doing this process once results in a pretty tasty chip. Now try to imagine this done three times to the same chip, you are left with an exterior that’s three times as crispy and an interior that’s three times fluffier. That’s why triple cooked chips have made their way into legend.

How to Make Triple Cooked Chips

Chips made with triple frying are satisfyingly crispy on the exterior and fluffy and soft on the inside. Heston Blumenthal, an English chef, created the triple-cooked chip. In 1993, Blumenthal started working on the triple cooked chips recipe, and finally, he created the three-stage cooking method. A mild boiling is done the first time, and then any remaining water is removed. The second stage is low-temperature deep frying, and the third is a high-heat crust-forming feast.

Serving Size

Six individual servings may be made using the amounts and ingredients listed in this triple cooked chips recipe. Measurements and quantities can be changed to accommodate more or fewer servings.

Preparation Time

Please consider that preparation time can depend on multiple factors, like cutting, peeling, and serving amount. As for this triple cooked chips recipe, we suggest using fresh potatoes, which means that your preparation time should be no longer than 30 minutes.

Cooking Time

Naturally, triple cooked chips will take longer to prepare than once-cooked chips. In fact, triple cooked chips are notorious for taking an exceptionally long time to prepare but are so worth it as they can be prepared in large batches, frozen, and stored. This recipe can take anywhere from 5 hours to three days depending on cooling time (see below).

Nutritional Information

The typical values per serving are as follows:

– Energy = 1,143kJ
– Fat = 15.9g
– Saturated Fat = 2.6g
– Carbohydrates = 29g
– Sugars = 1.1g
– Protein = 3.6g
– Salt = 0.9g
– Fibre = 2.2g

You Will Need

– 1kg of potatoes (peeled and cut into chips no bigger than 2 x 2 x 6cm)
– Palm oil
– Sea salt
– 2l of Water
– Cooling rack or tray
– A large saucepan
– A deep-fat fryer or a deep pan
– Paper towels


Step 1 – To remove the starch, submerge the chopped chips in a basin of running water for five minutes.

Step 2 – The potatoes should be added to a big saucepan with 2l of cold tap water. 

Step 3 – Place the pan on medium heat; bring to a boil, and then simmer the chips until they are nearly crumbling do this for around 10 minutes, depending on the potatoes.

Step 4 – Remove the cooked chips with care and then set them on a cooling rack to cool and dry thoroughly.

Step 5 – Place in the freezer for a minimum of an hour to further remove the moisture.

Step 6 – 130°C should be reached in a deep-fat fryer or deep pan that is only partially filled with palm oil to a depth of around 10 cm.

Step 7 – Small batches of chips should be fried until a light crust has formed, for approximately 5 minutes. Remove from the palm oil and let dry on paper towels.

Step 8 – In the freezer for at least 2 hours, set the potatoes on a cooling rack. The chips may now be refrigerated for up to three days if you don’t want to fry them and serve them right away. This is the long step, but it’s really up to you.

Step 9 – Fry the chips in the deep-fat fryer or deep pan at 180°C for about 4-5 minutes, or until brown.

Step 10 – Season with sea salt or flavoured salt of your choosing after draining them on paper towels.

Step 11 – Compliment your triple cooked chips with a delicious dip – Ketchup, Garlic Mayo or Sweet Chilli Mayo would be a talking point at the dinner table. 

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23 December 2022