What To Do With Leftover Fish and Chips

Each year, British fish and chip shops serve up around 382 million portions to hungry customers. It sounds a lot, and it is. But how much of this goes to waste? According to a survey conducted by the National Federation of Fish Fryers, 44% of consumers find that fish and chip portions are too large for them, leading to approximately 18,128 tonnes of the foodstuff being thrown out each year. 


Whilst chip shops are continually trying to reduce their waste, customers can still find themselves with more than they need. If you’re asking yourself, ‘what can I do with leftover fish and chips?’, here are some ideas to help you avoid the bin, and get the most out of this British staple. 

How to avoid soggy chips

The perfect chip is one that’s golden, crisp, and crunchy. Deep fat frying is what helps achieve this, but is also what can lead to a soggy chip later down the line. Chip shops do everything they can to remove water from potatoes before they’re lowered into the fryer, and you should do the same with your leftovers to avoid them going soft and limp. We’d recommend storing them only once they’ve cooled down, using an open container; this avoids condensation from forming and your chips getting soggy. When you’re ready to reheat them, pat them down with a kitchen towel and sprinkle them with a healthy dose of salt.

Reheating leftover chips

The best way to reheat your leftover chips is by using a deep fat fryer; it’ll give you the same chip-shop quality that you’re looking for (there’s a reason why thrice-fried chips are well-known after all!). If you don’t have a fryer, however, there are other ways to reheat your chips without them turning soft and soggy. Frying them on a hot pan with just a little oil is one method, as is grilling them on a high heat (just make sure to turn often to avoid burning). Either way will result in crisp leftover chips ready to be doused in your favourite accompaniment.

Fish and Chip Leftover Recipes

Reheating isn’t the only option available for your leftover fish and chips. There are also a number of recycling recipes that will help you to make another meal out of your Friday night takeaway. Here are some of our favourites: 


  • Fishcakes – Simple, and very delicious. 
    • Put your leftover fish and chips in a blender and mix until you reach a fine consistency. 
    • Mix an egg into the fish and chips, and season to taste. 
    • Form small patties with the mixture and coat in breadcrumbs. 
    • Fry in a shallow pan for around 5 minutes, or until the patties reach a slightly golden colour. 
    • Serve with rocket, mushy peas, and a wedge of lemon. 


  • Fish and Chip Pie – Hearty and humble. 
    • Remove the batter from your fried fish, and combine with fish pie mix. 
    • Place fish in a large ovenproof dish with 4 spring onions, a handful of parsley, 250g frozen peas, 1 tbsp Dijon mustard, 100ml milk, and 430g of white sauce. 
    • Top the mixture with your leftover chips 
    • Bake for around 25 minutes until golden and bubbling. 


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25 August 2020