Winter Frying - Hot tips for winter days

With the cold days of winter well underway, trade can be a bit slow, and in lots of ways that’s not good for your food or your pocket.

At Frymax, we want to help wherever we can. So why not check through this list of tips from the Frymax fryers and see how you can maximise the life of your oil – and also help you save costs.

Especially in January and February with fewer customers, your oil can be sitting hot and idle for long periods of time, and Frymax likes to be busy! Oil goes off at its fastest when it is sitting hot and unused, with no steam from food to ‘steam clean’ the oil and give it a protective blanket against the air.

Little & often

On slower trading days, don’t prepare large batches of potatoes and leave them in water, because they could be absorbing water for a long time before frying. When you fry, it can take longer for the water to be removed, the oil will be colder – and the chips will absorb more oil.

Fry half size batches of chips and smaller portions of other dishes. This will help in two ways. Firstly, you will need to fry more frequently so the oil will be cleaned twice as often – and will deteriorate less quickly. Secondly, smaller batches don’t cool the oil down as much, so recovery to optimum frying temperature is quicker. Less oil is absorbed into food making it crisper, less greasy – and using up less oil. Looking after the quality of your food will also look after your profits!

Keep it cool

With lower trade, you could also see whether you can reduce the temperature of your fryers when not in use, or even reduce the number of fryers you’re using. Cold oil scarcely deteriorates, and oil at 130°C will go off much more slowly than hotter oil. But don’t hold the oil between 70-120°C as this is the temperature where lots of oil breakdown reactions happen, so the oil will deteriorate badly.

You should still fry at recommended temperatures (<180°C) for food quality, safety, and an efficient, cost effective operation.

At Frymax, we’re passionate about making your oil go further. That’s why we developed a long lasting, sustainable frying oil that helps you cook beautiful, tasty fish and chips time after time. Fully refined and deodorised, Frymax has been the leading vegetable oil for the fish frying trade for over 60 years. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

27 November 2018