How long does palm oil last?

Different types of oil have different lifespans. Organic Palm Oil is considered to be relatively long-lasting – if stored correctly, it can last for at least 12 months without becoming rancid. To ensure your oil is the best quality, however, we’d recommend that you use it within six months. 

How to know when the oil is rancid

If left for too long, palm oil will become ‘rancid’. While digesting a small amount of rancid oil shouldn’t harm you, it won’t taste or smell very pleasant. The first tell-tale sign that your oil is on the turn is the smell; it’s often described as metallic, bitter, or even soapy. If you can’t quite make out the smell of your oil, try heating a small amount in a pan; it will intensify the smell and allow you to make a better judgement. 

Alternatively, consider the oil’s texture; you’ll know when palm oil is going bad because it will start to take on stickier, less viscous consistency. 

If you’re frying at home there are a couple of useful tricks to know. The first is by placing a kernel of corn in the oil while it is heating. When the kernel pops it means that the oil must be between 325 and 365F, so is ready to use. A slightly easier method can be done by using a wooden spoon. Place the end of the wooden spoon into the oil while it is heating when you start to see many small bubbles forming around it, the oil is hot enough. If the oil is bubbling excessively and spitting, then it’s too hot. Simply leave it off of the heat for a few minutes to cool down.  

How to store Palm Oil

The best way to prolong the life of your palm oil is by knowing how to store it correctly. 

Firstly, it’s a good idea to label the oil containers with the date it was opened because regardless of how you store it, you don’t want the oil sitting stagnant for too long. 

The oil should then be stored in a cool and dark place. Keep it well away from any ovens, refrigerators or freezers. A storeroom or pantry is the best option. 

It’s also useful to note that you can reuse frying oil. Bear in mind, however, that it takes on the flavours of your fried foods over time.


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25 March 2021