How to Prevent Oil Splatter when Deep Frying

Oil splatters are one of the most common kitchen health risks. Not only can they cause serious burns to staff, but they can also be a source of kitchen floor slippages. To avoid this from happening, read on for our tips on how to prevent oil splatter from deep fat fryers. 

Use frying baskets

The best way to avoid oil splattering out of the fryer is to use a frying basket. These mesh cages allow you to safely control the frying process, ensuring minimal oil splash and optimal cooking conditions. Just remember to place your food into the basket as it’s being held above the oil, and then lower gently into the hot oil. Placing foods into submerged baskets runs the risks of oil splashing over the sides of the fryer. 

Place foods away from you

Some restaurants prefer not to use baskets for certain foods. Fried fish, for instance, has a tendency to stick to the side of baskets, which makes the batter lose its uniformity. If you’re going to go basket-free, there are two things to remember. Firstly, place the food into the oil so that it’s aiming away from you; this ensures that any spots of oil go towards the back of the fryer, rather than towards you. Secondly, use a stainless steel ‘spider’ to remove food from the oil rather than a pair of tongs; the spring-loaded movement of the latter can cause oil to fly if not controlled properly. 

Avoid water

It’s a well-known fact that water and oil don’t mix. When water comes into contact with hot oil, it vaporises. If the droplets are beneath the surface of the oil, they rise up and cause the oil to splutter and splash, potentially causing injury to anyone standing nearby. Removing water from your chips and other foods is one way to avoid this, as is keeping away dripping pots and pans. 

Use stable frying oil

Different frying oils have different ‘smoking points’. The higher the smoking point, the more stable the oil and the less likely it is to splatter when heated to high temperatures. With a smoking point of around 220°C, sustainable palm oil is one of the most stable.  

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20 July 2020