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Mars Bars to Tarantulas: 7 Deep Fried Delicacies from Around the World

The next time you’re queuing up in your local chippy, take a minute to see what other deep-fried delicacies are on the menu. Fried chicken, scampi and onion rings are all pretty standard offerings in most restaurants, but how about a deep-fried Mars Bar?

While many Southerners would shrink at the idea of ordering a fried chocolate bar alongside their cod and chips, the quirky snack has been a mainstay on Scottish chippy’s menus for years. It’s moved south of the border too, and can be found in chippies across England from Leeds to London.

Battered Mars Bars are famous (or infamous, depending on your taste) in the UK, and while we might not all have tasted one, we’ve all probably heard of them. However, there are some delicacies on this list that we bet you have never come across, or even thought possible.

Bon appetit!

Deep Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

We’re starting off our list with something reasonably conservative. Americans are famous for their love of the peanut butter and jelly (i.e. jam) sandwich, and the southern states have taken the relationship to the next level. Deep fried PB&J sandwiches are readily available at county fairs across the southern states of America. Definitely one worth trying if you ever find yourself at the Texan state fair!

Deep Fried Ice Cream

Another sweet addition to this delicacy list, except this entry sounds almost impossible compared to deep frying a sandwich. Typically breaded in biscuit crumbs, pastry or traditional batter, the ice cream is quickly deep fried and served to produce a warm, crispy shell with a delicious, cold interior. Nobody is quite sure where this trend first started, but it has been a popular dish in Chinese, Mexican and American cuisine for decades.

Deep Fried Crème Egg

With Easter just around the corner, this is a must-try, surely?! If you like the sound of the deep fried Mars Bar then you’ve got to love the idea of frying everyone’s favourite sweet spring snack. As with many deep fried foods, the chocolatey egg is thoroughly chilled to prevent melting, then battered before being fried in oil for only three or four minutes. A fun and tasty dessert for after Easter lunch, I’m sure you’ll agree.  


Deep Fried Drinks

Yep, even liquids aren’t safe when it comes to chucking things into the deep-fat fryer! Cola, coffee and even water have been deep fried to varying degrees of success. Another fried invention from our cousins across the Atlantic, these delicacies are not exactly what you may think. As with the ice cream and chocolate varieties already mentioned, the liquid drink is contained in a ball of batter before being deep fried. We know, it’s cheating slightly but it definitely piqued our curiosity.

Okay, now that the sweet stuff is covered, we’re going to head into more uncharted territory. These delicacies may not be for the unadventurous but they are foods eaten around the world everyday. We urge you to keep an open mind, if not an open mouth…  

Deep Fried Scorpions

Nothing like your typical bush-tucker trial, deep fried scorpions are a popular street food in Asian countries, especially in China and Southeast Asia. Packed with protein, minerals and healthy fats, scorpions (as well as many other bug species) offer more nutritional value than traditional meats such as pork, beef or even fish. Deep frying is one of the most common cooking methods for these critters, giving them a satisfying crunch when bitten into. Remember to try a fried scorpion on a stick the next time you’re in Thailand and see for yourself.  

Deep Fried Tarantulas

To some, they are huge, scary and hairy. To others, they are meaty, delicious and nutritious. Whatever you may think of them, nothing has stopped vendors in Cambodia selling this traditional snack – oddly, tourists seem to be some of the best customers of these weird fried foods. As with scorpions, tarantulas and other bugs are being championed by chefs and conservationists alike, as their farming and production is much less harmful to the environment than traditional meats. So watch this spidey space, as bugs could easily become a significant protein source of the future.

Deep Fried Rocky Mountain Oysters

We’re back in the States for our final entry, but all is not as it seems. These so called “oysters” are not your typical shucking and lemon juice type. These “oysters” are in fact bull, pig or sheep testicles that have been battered, deep fried and typically served with a delicious cocktail sauce dip. Popular in Midwestern United States and Canada (where they’re known as ‘Prairie Oysters’), as well as Spain and Argentina, they are traditional cowboy fare that are most commonly found served at festivals and speciality restaurants. They’re delicious, by all accounts, with a taste very similar to venison. Still not convinced? Well then, give them a try and see for yourself… if you have the balls.    

A word to the wise

While we hope this selection of weird and wonderful fried delicacies has given you food for thought, we don’t recommend any of the above as food for your fryers. Frying oil needs to be taken care of properly to maintain its quality, which starts with what you put into it. We recommend only frying top quality, certified foodstuffs to avoid oil contamination. Learn more about oil management here or get in touch with the Frymax team today for further information on the best frying oil in the industry.  

11 April 2019